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Terms and Conditions

Customers must have a valid drivers license with another form of ID:

  • -- For international customers: passport is preferred

  • -- For locals: social security is preferred


Customers are considered under-age if they are 23 years or younger. If such persons choose to rent a vehicle from us, ALL the following requirements must be adhered to:

1.Take up company insurance

2.Must leave double CASH security deposit

3.Must have two forms of ID.


A security deposit of US$500.00 – US$1500.00 (Depending on type of vehicle) is required for the rental vehicles.


Renters must present a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) or valid Debit card with electronic chip. An imprint /copy of the renter’s credit card is required with a valid pictured ID/passport, no bank cards accepted.


All vehicles must be returned at the time and location agreed on the rental contract.


There is a sixty (60) minutes grace period for vehicle return.  After such time, an hourly rate will be charged to the renter.


Charges will be applied for late returns at US$15.00  per hour and after 3 hours; a full day rate will enter into effect.


Rentals should be returned with the same level of fuel as rented out with. Extra fuel is customer’s responsibility as no refunds will be granted. Vehicle must be filled up with Premium or Super Gasoline.


Rental extensions should be paid by customers before the original time on the contract expires. Failure to call (for extra hours) or make payment (for extra days) will result in void of insurance and any issue arising while not under an agreement will be customer's responsibility.


Highway speed limit is 55mph/90kmh on highway and 15mph-25mph in villages.(note: there are many villages along the highway.)


A cleaning fee of US$12.50  will be charged if the rental vehicle is returned in a condition considered dirty beyond normal or that caused by regular road use.


Vehicles are not allowed on Manatee / Coastal Road and George Ville Road.


Not all credit card offers full international coverage, Please note accidents here are not reported to the USA. and customers who qualify to decline is responsible to pay full cost upfront.


We do not allow the Insurance to be declined for less than three days Rental.


Customer who have purchased our insurance are responsible for the 1st $1000usd(no matter the extent of damages) in a collision before the insurance kicks in.


Only customers with a valid AMEX Credit Card can decline CDW Insurance. The AMEX Card must be used to reserve and pay for the entire vehicle rental. In addition, customers must leave deposit in cash.

ALL vehicles must remain within Belize.  You may not exit the country with a rental car.


If rental is to be dropped off in Placencia, there is a charge for that service. 


If there is any emergency situation that needs to be address, please dial our 24hr service #+501-635-6200 or local toll free at 0-800-RENTALS


If you are involved in an accident. do not move or abandon the vehicle until the police and insurance inspector have arrived and notify us immediately.