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About Belize



Airport Departure Fees - There is an Airport Departure  Fee of US$39.25 required. This consists of a US$18.00 Airport Development Fee, a US$15.00 Passenger Service  Fee, a US$2.50 Security Fee, and a US$3.75 Conservation fee, which is used to promote, enhance, and conserve Belize’s protected areas.


Animals - Pet animals being brought into the country must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate issued by a registered veterinarian in the country of origin and should also be accompanied by an import permit that should be issued by BAHA. You can contact BAHA at (+501) 224 5230 or (+501) 224 4794 or email: baha@btl.net for more information on obtaining the permit.


Climate - Belize climate is subtropical with a brisk prevailing wind from Caribbean Sea. The temperature in Belize averages 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season is between June and November.


Currency Exchange -  Local currency is in Belize Dollar, or BZD$. US$1 dollar is equivalent to BZD$2. Belizean banks and ATM’s throughout the country include: Atlantic Bank, Belize Bank, CIBC First Caribbean, Heritage Bank and Scotia Bank.


Customs Allowance - Importation of currency:
Under the Customs Laws of Belize, each person is allowed to import up to BZD$10,000 or foreign currency equivalent.  If you are importing in excess of BZD$10,000 or foreign equivalent you must declare this to Customs Officials.


List of Duty Exemptions - As an arriving passenger, you are entitled to the following exemptions:
. Wearing apparel, jewelry, toilet requisites, and any portable articles in your accompanied baggage or on your person, which you might reasonable by expected to carry with you for your own regular and private use.
. If you are 18 years or older (and not returning from a visit to a neighboring Border Town or City), one liter total of wine or spirits and 250 grams tobacco, or 50 cigars, or 200 cigarettes. If you are a Belizean:
. In addition to the above, you can claim duty exemption on accompanied goods acquired abroad for personal or household use, or as souvenirs or gifts, with a combined value of BZD$200 twice a year through other ports or places of entry


Ports of entry via airport - All international aircrafts must clear through the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport in Ladyville, Belize.


Ports of entry via Land Borders - It is possible to enter Belize through the Northern Border in Santa Elena and the Western Border in Benque Viejo Del Carmen.


Ports of Entry via sea ports - The following are seaports where vessels may be entered or cleared:
Belize City, Big Creek, San Pedro, Dangriga and Punta Gorda.  Additional information is available as you enter by calling VHF channel 16.


Customs Allowances - Importation of currency: Under the Customs Laws of Belize, each person is allowed to import up to BZD$10,000 or foreign currency equivalent. If you are importing in excess of BZD$10,000 or foreign equivalent you must declare this to Customs Officials.


Denominations - Most denominations are represented in Belize, the majority being Roman Catholic. There are also Anglican, Methodist, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, among others.


Electrical Systems - Same as US, 110volts A.C. power.


Government - Belize is an independent country with a democratically elected parliamentary government and is a British Commonwealth member.


Language - English is the official language and is widely spoken. Other languages.dialects include Creole, Spanish, Maya and Garifuna.


Merchandise - Under the Customs Laws of Belize, every importing any goods, wether for commercial, personal, or any other use, must declare such goods to Customs and pay the appropriate duties.  The total value of all items acquired abroad, wether new or used, dutiable or not, or acquired as souvenirs or gifts, must be declared.The amount of duty to be paid will be determined by a Customs Officer.  It is a serious offense to evade or attempt to evade Customs duties.


Population - The population of Belize is approximately 407,000, comprising of Creole (african-European), Garifuna, Mestizo (Spanish-Indian), Maya, Mennonite, Lebanese, Chinese, East Indian, and European.  Due to racial harmony and religious acceptance, all of these cultures have blended successfully.


Postal Rates - To the US, BZD$0.60 for standard letters, BZD$0.30 for postcards. To Europe, BZD$0.75 for standard letters, BZD$0.40 for postcards


Public Hospitals & Medical Facilities - Medical care is available at hospitals and clinics throughout the country.


Taxes - The hotel tax is nine percent (9%) and General Sales Tax on good and services is twelve and a half percent (12.50%).


Time Zone - Belize occupies time zone GMT-6, same as US Central Standard time.  Daylight saving time is not observed.


Tipping - Tipping is voluntary. Usually ten percent (10%) is acceptable with fifteen percent (15%) for exceptional service.  In some cases, a gratuity charge may be added to your bill. This practice varies with each establishment.  Be sure to ask before paying the bill.


Topography - Belize is an area of only 8,866 square miles.  It is situated on the east coast of Central America, on the Caribbean Sea.  Belize is bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to te west and south. The second-largest barrier reef in the world (185 miles long) falls within Belize’s territory as well as three of teh four coral atolls in the Western Hemisphere.

Water - Tap water in Belize is potable.